Srishille Minota log text about woman´s power Beachcuties Boutique.

Inspirational words from our friend Srishille Minota:

Women are some of the most unique people on the face of the planet. Also for those that labeled as a strong woman. Perhaps they are misunderstood, or labeled a certain way. But if there is one thing they do have it is the strength they carry because of all they have been through. And if you are not careful you might just lose her, because if you are not frank and direct with her, she will leave. She knows what she deserves and what she is capable of. So be careful not underestimate a woman by: Not being honest with her. She knows what is going on around her. She knows all she cares for and all she fights for. If you aren't someone who can take the world on with her, then she will walk away. It is heartbreaking to think someone will be in your life but doesn't want to experience life with you. Strong women don't have time for games when she going after her own journey. She isn't looking to waste time with people who doesn't know if they really want to be with her. She isn't cold, she is just guarded and wants to protect her heart. After going through countless pains, she will focus on protecting herself before she will ever chase people and let them in. A strong woman will never think you are weak when you are expressing and share all you are feeling to her. She wants to know what is going on in your head. She wants to see that exposed human side of who you are. Being honest with how you feel, or your emotions. a strong woman doesn't want to play the guessing game with your emotions, or how you are feeling. She wants someone she can be deeply connected to because she needs someone who will understand what it is like to simply feel. Not just treating her like she matters but also equal! See a strong woman knows she is equal to you. She knows she is fully capable of climbing any mountain set in front of her. A strong woman doesn't mean she is overbearing and hates men or people who taken her for granted. It means she simply won't let anyone take her worth away from her, and what she is capable of after what she choosen to show you. She will not be defined by her gender, age or status.... beating off the 7 hours surf today and also tomorrow at Mawi.

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