The Jungle Bee

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If it were up to The Jungle Bee, no foot would touch the sand unadorned! The Jungle Bee is an U.S. company that custom-designs toe-anklets that cater to the tastes of all types of beach lovers. Whether you are ready to sink your toes into the sand or take a stroll in flip-flops on the boardwalk, you’ll look stunning while wearing one of The Jungle Bee’s adjustable toe-anklets. These versatile foot jewelry pieces can even be worn with flats and heels!

The Jungle Bee’s toe-anklets are designed for maximum comfort, especially since they can be adjusted to the exact size of your foot. The toe-anklet loops around one toe and fastens around the heel with an adjustable chain.


The Jungle Bee is based in Los Angeles, California and is operated by a dynamic mother and daughter duo—Debbie Selva and Sarah Selva. These ocean aficionados and jewelry designers create a truly unique product that won’t be found anywhere else. Debbie has been designing jewelry, crafting and doing artwork for over two decades now, and Sarah has always trailed closely behind (starting at a young age).

Debbie and Sarah’s goal for The Jungle Bee is to help create beautiful, hand-crafted designs for those who love to wear artistic accessories—on the beach or elsewhere. The designers’ goal is also to help stimulate their local economy through jobs and other opportunities for individuals to earn additional income.

For both Debbie and Sarah, their idea of a perfect day is relaxing on the beach, where they can soak in the sunrays and breathe in the salty ocean breeze… And you can bet that their feet will not be bare!

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