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In love with life and the beach, the Kini Bands lover spends her days soaking up rays of sunshine. Each day takes her to unexpected places, jet-setting to tropical islands, swimming in clear ocean waves. In these moments, as she takes aboard onto luxurious adventures, time seems to stop. And even when life calls her away from the sun, surf and sand, she keeps a piece of her bikini with her always.

Officially launched in 2015, Kini Bands were discovered by Joanna, when she was playing around with extra material from her swimwear line, Kinsman Swim, and used the strings to make bracelets, and the cord ends to cover the knot. She soon realized these made excellent hair ties, and that she was onto something when friends began asking for the bands in new colors and prints. Nearly two years later, Joanna finally to create a brand around the hair ties, and became its own line of accessories called Kini Bands. Kini Bands = KINI like "bikini" & BANDS like "hair bands"

Beachcuties Boutique Kini Bands Hair Accessories Hår Accessoarer Hårsnoddar Hårband

About the designer, Joanna:

I learned to design from the small town in Maine I grew up in. My mom had been a seamstress to a designer before I was born, and from an early age, I became fascinated with colors, prints, textures and construction of garments and jewelry from virtually nothing. My parents were business owners themselves and studied entrepreneurship at the University of New Hampshire where I was a college athlete.

Shortly after school, California began calling my name. I founded Kini Bands™ while living in Los Angeles. As a result of turning the extra materials from my swimwear line, Kinsman Swim. I wore them as colorful bracelets as a reminder to keep focused on the big goals I had, and still do have. 

Years later, after having moved to San Diego, I finally realized in a pinch that these bands also made perfect hair ties. And so the collection of hair ties from swim material ensued. My passion lies in designing swimwear, putting on runway shows at LA Fashion Week, creating new hair accessories, travel, cooking, fashion, creating, running, the beach, and consulting with aspiring business owners to inspire others to bring their ideas to life.

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