Cabana Anna Swimwear

Beachcuties Boutique Cabana Anna Swimwear Bikini California

A playful splash of color, femininity, and one of a kind design, CABANA ANNA SWIMWEAR’S fair trade bikinis embody the free-spirited yet conscientious lifestyle of California. Featuring sweetheart briefs and bow bandeaus, CABANA ANNA is perfect for conscientious California beauties who love brights on the beach!

Founded by USC graduate and island-hopper Anna Finch, CABANA ANNA was inspired by a childhood of constant travel (as the daughter of 2 cultural anthropologists), a love of beachy, coastal culture, a passion for design, and a desire to make a difference in the world she saw growing up.

Their mission: To fight child labor and expose the ugliness of overseas labor conditions. to make beautiful swimwear, crafted with love, that does not exploit overseas workers in third world countries. To make you never have to choose between your conscience and your love of fashion. Do good, feel good, be beautiful!

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