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Hi there all you sandy peeps! I´m Ashleigh, the owner and designer at iARABIKINI. I live in sunny California in a beach town called Santa Cruz, widely known as a killer Californian surf spot. I have been a slave to the sea most of my life and was the only real "beachgirl" wherever I have lived... in the city of Sacramento, CA and the High Desert. As a girl, my sisters and I lived in our bikinis by the pool of our mini paradise our parents created at our home and property. I can´t get enough of the water and the way the ocean makes me feel, so much so that I would like to share my passions through my kinis. Every piece is hand sown and full of love. I sew these at my home in the Santa Cruz mountains and name alot of my jewelry and kinis after local beaches and surf spots, so you can represent! ;) 

I met Ulf at Lihamo last year during San Fransisco's Fashion Show through Instagram and he´s just the sweetest, so blessed I have the pleasure of doing business with him! He´s the berries! :)

Our little beachhouse store is growing fast, and we have babes from Cali and all over the US to Australia, London, Japan and Hawaii and to Sweden! And more to come I'm sure! Please find us on Instagram @iarabikini for giveaways and our gear in action! Of course if you are already an iARA babe posting your gear in action will definitely get repost from us and even coupons during the month! We´re always on the hunt for ambassadors so please email with any questions salty ones! 

Above ALL, much love and the greatest of energy to you all! 

xoxoxo - Ash

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